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Malibu Inn Restaurant Offers a Rustic Atmosphere and Great Food

The great aspects of dining out are not just good food and great service, but rather the atmosphere in which you dine. The Malibu Inn Restaurant ( ) , which dates back to the 1920's, when it was across the street, where the Malibu Pier is today, has a long history.
In the 50's the restaurant moved across the street, according to waitress, Rebecca Bocian. It wasn't long before Niel Young purchased the restaurant in the 70's, that the Malibu Inn Restaurant became world famous for their top name entertainment such as Eric Clapton, Stevie Nicks and today, Walter Egan who wrote, "Hot Summer Nights". 

DSC02560aMr. Egan's band, the Ma, is in the pocket with all genres of music, especially that of Niel Young. But, enough of that already. Let's journey onto my guests who joined me for this festive occasion.

First and foremost is, Gloria Rhoads Berlin, a former food and travel critic for the former Times Mirror Newspaper and author of the book, "In Search of Neverland", who has traveled throughout Southern California experiencing tasty foods. My second guest, Ed Magik, is a producer of various video content for YouTube and various networks, who appreciates the art of preparing food.

DSC02529aMalibu Inn Restaurant has a friendly staff, starting with the hostess, Rufaro Walls-Lumbly, whose knowledge of the restaurant was appreciated. Our waitress, Rebecca Bocian, was extremely colorful and pleasant. The decor of historical restaurant and concert hall is a rustic setting with hand painted murals throughout the restaurant. It's an old western setting, with its own poolroom, bar-lounge area and an outside patio with heaters for nippy evenings. We were especially intrigued with the murals, "who's mommies little piggy" and "everybody loves a party."

DSC02585aAh, here's the culinary journey presented by Chef Justin Lewis. Gloria Berlin experienced the Salmon with roasted asparagus. Ed Magik partook in the Baby Back Ribs and I ordered the lemon whole chicken. The side dishes included mashed sweet potato and each of my guests had the Manhattan Clam Chowder and the Mesclun Salad. The results were pleasant. "The Manhattan Clam Chowder had an excellent kick to it. "It reminded me of Gumbo, with its celery and seasoning of red pepper", stated Ed Magik. Gloria Berlin's comment was, "I love the sweet potato, and my salmon was delightful".  I confer with both my guests, including my lemon chicken. 

DSC02573aThe only improvement I would make is in the preparation of the sauce for the baby back ribs. Like with all good salads for example, the dressing makes the salad. Thus the sauce for ribs adds to the dining experience. Old man Stubbs [C.B. Stubblefield] made a spicy sauce that is quite popular from Austin, Texas. That's all it needed.

mbi6Like all good meals, one must indulge in desert. That is, once in awhile for those of us who are watching our calorie intake. In our final dining experience, the Red Velvet case passed with ease for everyone. My most enduring moment however, was the Cappuccino with Pumpkin Cheese Cake. Wow, that hit the spot. Oh, the cinnamon in the Cappuccino is good for lowering blood pressure. Now that's a great way to enjoy dining and watch your health too.

mbi5On an overall scale of 1 through 10 for service and a fun atmosphere, Celebrity Scene News rates Malibu Inn Restaurant a 10. On the quality of food, we give a rating of 9, with a moderate price range for Malibu, ranging from side dishes for $6 to rib dishes for $25. We suggest you come as you are for a fun evening of dining music and meeting people.





Pete Allman is a Las Vegas-based commentator, broadcast personality and celebrity interviewer. He also produces inspirational messages for television and other media. Contact him at or (702)265-9099. Visit

This article edited by Ed Magik for Ed Magik TV Blog.

Friday, October 21, 2011

American Film Market (AFM) Celebrates Its 8th Year

LOS ANGELES, California

The American Film Market was founded in 1981, where it rapidly became the premiere global marketplace when Hollywood's decision-makers and trendsetters all jelled together in one location.  This year’s AFM has a total of 27 films selected for the American Film Institute’s AFI Fest, which is being presented by Audi. 

Perhaps one of the most important factors about AFM is the exposure that independent film makers receive when showing their films at the market.  Last year, Amadeus Pictures, one of many independent film makers, had shown Brando Unauthorized, to buyers from various parts of the world, which allowed them to license their films to those countries.  This collaborative process reaches its most productive point , when 8,000 industry leaders converge in Santa Monica for 8 days of negotiations, screenings, conferences, premieres, networking and parties.  A total of 70 countries are involved with their representatives, which include acquisition and development executives, agents, attorneys, directors, distributors, festival directors, financiers, film commissioners, producers, writers, the world press and all who provide services to the motion picture industry.

AFI, a festival film partner with AFM, connects art and commerce, broadening the opportunity for participants at both events Films.  Included in screening at AFM are: Cafe De Flore [Films Distribution], Footnote, [West End Films], Headhunters [Magnolia Pictures], I Melt With You [Magnolia Pictures], Kill List [Protagonist Pictures] Miss Bata [Fox International], Rampart [Sierra/Affinity], and Snow [Protagonist Pictures].

Sixteen additional Festival selections  that will be represented at AFM include, The Artist [The Weinstein Company], Athenberg [The Match Factory], Beyond the Black Rainbow [Magnolia Pictures] Bonsai [UFO], Bullhead [Celluloid Dreams], Carnage [Medusa], Coriolanus [Icon Entertainment], Hanaan [M-Line Distribution] Jiro Dreams of Sushi [Magnolia Pictures], The Lady [,EuropaCorp], Mama Africa [Fortissa Films], Melancholia [Magnolia Pictures],The Silver Cliff [Celluloid Dreams], We Need To Talk To About Kevin [Independent] and With Every Heartbeat [The Yellow Affair].

The AFM is produced by the Independent Film and Television Alliance, the trade association representing the world’s producers and distributors of independent motion pictures and television programs. AFM begins November 2 through 9, at Loews Hotel in Santa Monica and the AFI Fest takes place in Hollywood, on November 3 through 10. For more information on AFI go to and for AFM visit

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Ed Magik Live Radio Interview on Freda's New Talent New Talk Radio

Listen to Ed Magik interview hosted by Corliss Freda Johnson on Freda's New Talent New Talk Radio.  Ed Magik is a producer of multimedia and he is the founder of Ed Magik TV, a YouTube Business Partner channel that features celebrity interviews, filmmaker interviews, red carpet interviews, fashion and more with focus on inspiration and success.

Live broadcast begins at 2:30 p.m. Pacific Time, 5:30 p.m. Eastern Time on

Freda’s New Talent New Talk Radio, hosted by Corliss Freda Johnson aka HONEY,
airs Friday’s 5:30pm - 6:00 pm, showcasing music for all listeners, namely:
R&B, Jazz, Hip hop, Rap, Neo-soul & Gospel.

"WCLM 1450 AM Radio is a locally owned VIRGINIA Music powerhouse situated in the heart of Richmond. Our programming is a unique variety of music with Country, Classic Soul, Oldies, Gospel, R&B, Latin Jazz and more. Though we do such a broad variety of music, WCLM 1450 AM is also dedicated to Richmond citizens and Richmond Music, with 50% of our airtime devoted to local talk shows and music. You can also listen to us live from anywhere in the world." --

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Tony Tarantino (Film Producer) is Shooting a New Police Docu-drama: Prism

Tony Tarantino is producing a new film:


"The police docu-drama Prism, based on the book Color of the Prism, reflects a blending of fact and fiction into a journey of intrigue, love, betrayal, greed and tragedy in this most exciting of police stories set on the Arizona-Mexico border.
Prism - A police docu-drama and most exciting of police stories set on the Arizona-Mexico border.

Detective Antonio Castenada, backed by a crack team of federal and state law enforcement officials and the latest surveillance technology, attempts to bring down Reynaldo Guzman, a prominent businessman and drug kingpin. In masterminding the assassination of a treacherous business associate and his entire family, Guzman alienates his long-time mistress, Sara, who agrees to bring Castenada undercover into Guzman's legitimate produce and seafood import business. The suspense of the docu-drama is increased as Antonio is torn between his love for his wife; his compassionate feeling for Sara; his loathing of Mary, Guzman's accountant, whose lust for him will stop at nothing; and last but not least, his unwanted sexual experience with a young Yaqui girl who has been given to him as a 'gift' by Reynaldo.

The young detective's role as a police plant put his marriage, his career, and his life at risk as he and his support team scramble to out-maneuver Guzman and his deadly hired assassin, Julian Espino.

Hailed as one of the top police stories, Color of the Prism and its non-traditional ending illuminate the true world of crime and corruption unseen by most people. Indeed, it is the last color of the prism."

Thomas J. Nichols

Extracted from

Tony Tarantino (Film Producer) with Debbie Diesel Exclusive Interview Video

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Naturally 7 Hits Los Angeles Tributes Herbie Hancock, Betye Saar & Donald McKayle at CAAM Gala

Musical Phenomenon
Naturally 7
Hits Los Angeles
 Tributes Herbie Hancock,  
Betye Saar & Donald McKayle
 at CAAM Gala, October 15
Performs Full Live Concert at CAAM, October 16

Los Angeles - There is a phenomenon sweeping across the international musical landscape known as Naturally 7 and it is about to hit Los Angeles big.  Having mesmerized audiences across Europe, the sensation has been engaging music lovers with shows that simply defy logic.  Instead of performing with the backdrop of a live band, these Hidden Beach Records artists utilize their vocal chords to duplicate the sounds of actual instruments.  An uncanny ability they call "Vocal Play," the members of Naturally 7 actually become the instruments coupled with a cappella sound.  Resonating as voice and instrument, Naturally 7 make beat boxing appear child's play. You will blink, just to make sure what your eyes are witnessing and what your ears are hearing is real!

On Sunday, October 16, 2011, Friends, the Foundation of the California African American Museum (Friends) will present Los Angeles with this unique "Art of Sound" when Naturally 7 performs an exclusive full live concert at the California African American Museum (CAAM) in Exposition Park.  The occasion will not only benefit the youth and education programs at CAAM, it is destined to be an experience that will change the way you listen to music!  The Naturally 7 live concert on Sunday begins at 5:00 pm with a buffet dinner and the show starts at 7:00 p.m.  General admission and VIP seating is available.  Call 213-744-2077 for more information and tickets are available at

The exclusive live performance follows the annual An Artful Evening at CAAM gala fundraiser on Saturday, October 15, which honors dancer/choreographer Donald McKayle, visual artist Betye Saar and Grammy Award winning musician/composer Herbie Hancock.  Naturally 7 will preview their talent at the affair with a special tribute performance.   

Naturally 7 initially charmed America with a national U.S. television debut on "Ellen."  Touring with Michael BublĂ©, they also guest appeared with him on "The Today Show."  More recently, they opened for Jay Leno in Las Vegas, and performed on the "Tonight Show."  Quincy Jones took note of the group at his 75th Birthday in Montreux and they were also guests at the Playboy Jazz Festival. The native New Yorkers have even performed at the prestigious TED (Technology, Entertainment, and Design) Conference where they received a standing ovation.  The group has recorded a number of CD's over the years including "Non Fiction" (2000), the aptly titled "What Is It" (2003), "Christmas ...It's A Love Story" (2004) and "Ready II Fly" (2006).  Their latest Hidden Beach Records release is entitled "Vocal Play."

Naturally 7 are Roger Thomas as not only musical director and arranger but also first baritone and rapper; Warren Thomas as percussion, guitar, clarinet, and third tenor; Rod Eldridge as first tenor, scratching and trumpet; Napoleon (Polo) Cummings as fourth tenor and guitar; Dwight Stewart as second baritone, vocals and trumpet; Garfield Buckley as second tenor and harmonica and "Hops" Hutton as bass.

"Naturally 7 are a wonderful cap to a weekend of spectacular events at CAAM coordinated to raise funds to support our youth, education and free public programs," expresses CAAM executive director, Charmaine Jefferson.  "CAAM has always been a cutting edge force in the artistic community and Naturally 7 is quite an innovative art expression with their unique fashioning of sound.  We are honored that they have chosen to donate their services to our cause and to present them in such an intimate setting where the audience can experience them up close and personal. Considering that the concert will benefit our educational programs here at CAAM, we are providing our supporters a wonderful opportunity to contribute while being treated with an amazing show."
Chartered by the California State Legislature in 1977, the California African American Museum, located in Exposition Park, is a state supported institution. In addition to its permanent collection, CAAM hosts specially borrowed and self-curated exhibitions, free public and school age education programs, and tours CAAM-owned exhibitions throughout California and the nation.  Admission to CAAM is free and open to the public, Tuesday through Saturday, 10 am to 5 pm and Sunday, 11 am to 5 pm.  Parking located at 39th and Figueroa Streets is $10.
Friends, the Foundation of the California African American Museum is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that exists to provide resources, staffing, programming and exhibition funding in support of CAAM's mission. Explore the California African American Museum's offerings at For general CAAM information call (213) 744-7432.

For a peak at the magic that is Naturally 7 check them out on YouTube at

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