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2011 Ms. America® Conquers Her Own Disability And Creates Her Place in Black History

2011 Ms. America® Conquers Her Own Disability
And Creates Her Place in Black History

Tracy Broughton Begins Her Journey for 2011 Ms. America®

02.03.2011– Anaheim, CA – Tracy Broughton, 36, from Ladera Ranch, California rose above her own physical disability by being crowned Ms. America® at the national pageant January 30, 2011. She is also adding positive history to Black History Month because she is the first African American to be crowned Ms. America®.

“I was able to overcome my disability through a combination of therapy, faith and perseverance,” says Tracy.

In celebration for Black History Month, CEO and President of the Orange County Black Chamber,Bobby McDonald says, “Overcoming adversity inspires others and now she’s a role model for those who are faced with similar situations. The fact she’s gone through so much and now is Ms. America® is powerful.”

Tracy Broughton grew up in Orange County, California and battled adversity practically her whole life. At three years of age, she was kidnapped; a car thief took her parent’s car while she was still asleep inside. She was a scholar athlete at Irvine High School, playing varsity tennis, cheer, dance, soccer, and a host of other sports.

In high school, Broughton was in a car accident that left her paralyzed on the left side. Doctors told her mother she would never walk again. She proved the doctors wrong by walking.

Two months after graduating high school, her mother passed away, Broughton went on to pursue a modeling career where she traveled internationally, gracing the covers of calendars, featured in magazines and catalogs and has appeared in TV shows, music videos and commercials.

In 1996, Broughton was in another car accident while driving home from a modeling job. The left side of her body was paralyzed, and once again doctors told her she would never walk. For more than a decade, she underwent various therapies until finally she stood up with two crutches and now she uses only one.

Broughton didn’t let her disability slow her down. While in a wheelchair, she won the 2003 Ms. Black California pageant. “I did all the dances and runway in my wheelchair,” she said.

A single mom to 11 year old identical twin sons, Broughton also volunteers with many nonprofit organizations.

As Ms. America® 2011, Broughton is honored to represent an organization that enriches the lives of women across the country and is passionate about continuing to give back to others through philanthropic endeavors and being the inspiration that helps others achieve their dreams.

The Ms. America® Pageant is for women 26 years of age and up who are single, divorced, married, widowed or a single parent. The pageant is based on four areas of competition: Evening Gown, Interview, Sportswear and Finalist On-Stage Question.

Richard Simon from Houston, Texas founded The Ms. America® Pageant in 1997. The first pageant was held on December 4, 1997 at the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas. Contestants competed representing their state in the pageant. Susan Jeske from Colorado was crowned the first Ms. America®, winning $75,000 in cash and prizes. Ms. Jeske became the owner of the pageant in 1999

The Ms. America Pageant® is a registered federal trademark with the USPTO office in Washington DCsince February 2000.

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